Bring Your Medium To The Masses.


For creative professionals, times have changed. With our interconnected world helping to give a voice to more people than ever before, it has become increasingly difficult to rise above the noise and stand out. Traditional methods for reaching a potential audience have not evolved to remain effective, while contemporary methods can often be more than most can afford. After putting your heart and soul into your craft, why be forced to make a choice between hoping for the best and breaking the bank?

NYCOMO Film & Post is here to help.

We offer a variety of digital film and editing services for creative professionals of every stripe - from the page to the stage and beyond. Our team comes from all aspects of the creative world, allowing us to better see and translate your vision for the screen. Plus, as a boutique editing house, we are able to keep costs low, giving you a quality product while allowing you to focus the savings back into your project.

Join the NYCOMO Film & Post family today, and let us help you share your talent and passion with the world.



Solutions for the individual artist, from actor reels to release announcements!

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Whether for a single show or an entire season, find what is right for your company, from trailers to mini-docs!

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