make your season great:

Performers aren't the only ones looking to stand out - with tight budgets and a crowded marketplace, modern theater companies are expanding the search for ways to showcase their work and gain a larger audience at each performance. Help increase your company's visibility through our services, including:

Company Profile / Mini-Docs:

History: few things can help people identify with your company quite like knowing where it all began.Whether celebrating your first season or your 100th, let your potential audience take a peek backstage with a behind-the-scenes look or a historical retrospective of your company!

funding & crowd-sourcing media

Crowd-funding sites like Kickstarter and Indie GoGo have revolutionized how both small & large theater companies help to fund their shows and seasons. Let us help you reach your funding goal by making a compelling video for your campaign!

show / season trailer

The shows have been cast, the set built, and the lines memorized; all that remains is to fill the seats. Let the world know about your next production or season with a trailer built to convey the mood, essence, and excitement of your show!

Due to each company's unique needs, prices will vary on a project-to-project basis. Contact us for a quote based upon your project request.

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