For The Performer:

Thanks to the advent of the Internet, performers from every corner of the entertainment spectrum have the ability to showcase their talents to the world. But as reach expands, so does the amount of competition. Help separate yourself from the crowd through one of the many video services we offer for performers, including:

acting / Performance reels

A staple of the performer's toolkit, a proper reel showcases you and your talent to agents, casting directors, and producers. Whether a collection of your previous work or a series of new scenes designed to demonstrate your range, we'll work with you to compose a reel that they won't soon forget.

Artist Profile

Let the world know who you are away from the stage and screen! With an Artist Profile, you are the star as we get a behind-the-scenes look at your life as a performer. Great for personal websites and retrospective reels!

audition filming

Sometimes, the work you want might be on the other side of the country. What do you do when a producer in Los Angeles wants to see you read for a project by tomorrow but you can't afford the plane ticket? We've got you covered! For a low fee, we will help you record, edit, and submit your audition promptly, keeping you in the running for the next big part. Each audition tape is shot in HD with quality sound and formatted to the requested specifications.

For the writer:

You've spent countless hours writing, editing, and perfecting your next novel. Now it's time to share it with the world. Whether going it alone or through a book publisher, we have the tools that will help draw more eyes to your work!

Book trailer / Release Announcement

Even books deserve a video of their own! Whether simply announcing the release of your next masterpiece or making a teaser to grab the attention of readers everywhere, our videos can capture the essence of your work while leaving your fans wanting more. Options include professional voice-over, original copy, and custom graphics! 

writer profile

Let your readers see the person behind the pen! With a Writer Profile, go beyond the page as you discuss your life, your craft, and your creations. Much like the Artist Profile, the Writer Profile is great for personal websites and writer retrospectives!


For solo creators, the search for the quality video production you need at a price you can afford is often the most challenging step in the promotional process. Listed below are the base prices and features for the services listed above. For video services not listed below, please contact us with your project proposal and desired price range.

Acting / Performer Reels

All services below include HD-quality formatting, title & contact slides, and up to one year of storage!

Announcements, Trailers, & Profiles

All services below include HD-quality formatting and up to one year of storage!


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