You've polished the script, cast the play, designed the show, and filled out the the real fun begins! The New York International Fringe Festival is upon us once more, bringing cutting-edge theater from around the world right here to the Big Apple, along with development & production teams filled with questions about rehearsals, performances, and promoting their show to the masses. It can be a very exciting experience; it can also be a very overwhelming one - trust us, we know!

Never fear, however - NYCOMO is here to help!

As we celebrate the 20th season of this New York institution, NYCOMO Film & Post is offering a limited time deal to participants in this year's festival. From May 15th-June 30th, we will be offering a high-quality, cinematic trailer/teaser for your show, complete with voice-over and graphics, all starting at $250! We will work with you to identify your promotional needs and to help give you and your team a promo worthy of the hard work and dedication you've put into your production.


Time is short and space is limited, so act today and give your promotional material the boost they need. Simply fill out the form below to see what NYCOMO can do for you!

To see our past teasers & trailers, click here!

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Primary Contact
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A brief summary of your show. Please include genre (ex. 'musical') and tone (ex. 'comedy')
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Includes Music, Voice-Over, etc.
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Should our available slots fill up, you will be placed on a waiting list. If/when a slot becomes available, those on the waiting list will be informed in the order they submitted. THE NOTIFICATION CUTOFF DATE IS THURSDAY, JUNE 30th.


What does "materials provided by participant" mean?

In order to ensure a quick turnaround and a lower cost to the consumer, most teasers consist of provided material, such as photos, logos, video, music, etc. The more of this you can provide, the faster the final cut can get into your hands! However, sometimes with a show - especially if it is a brand-new work - the existing material just doesn't...well...exist. Don't worry, we've got you covered! For an additional fee, we provide filming and music options, to help make your trailer spectacular!

Can you film our performance?

Due to many venue and actor union regulations, we are unfortunately not able to film your production.

I see a waiting list on your submission form. What is that?

Due to various reasons, a participant may not be able to continue with the promotion. In the event a slot opens up, those opting in to the waiting list will be informed of it's availability in the order they were received. As listed in the form above, there is a cutoff date for the waiting list and, should a slot not open up by that date, you will be informed promptly.

Is there a deposit required?

Yes, as noted on the graphic above, once there is an agreement on the project, a deposit of 50% (or the full payment amount) is due in order to reserve your slot and commence work.